Best Spiral Notebooks 2020: Check Our Top 10 Picks!

Recording the best moments in life on camera is great, writing them as a story on a notebook is even more special.

It is a student's best companion, an office essential, and a traveler's tool to keep track of their travel itineraries. It is not just limited to that.

When we think about notebooks, the spiral one in particular is useful for a vast array of things. Want to jot down ideas for an animation? Keep forgetting the highlights of tomorrow's presentation? Do you need to revise math formulas on your way to school? A spiral notebook can fulfill all your needs.

The best spiral notebooks come in different types. If you are thinking, ‘I will just grab one from the store next block’, then there is a chance it won't fit your needs.

There is one for every purpose. Some are better at taking notes, some are better when traveling, some are great for sketches.

With so many options available, it is important that you get the one that meets your requirements. In this article, we have some suggestions that will make your decision easier. 

Benefits Of Using A Spiral Notebook

Unlike others, spiral notebooks have many advantages. You’re probably familiar with most of the benefits. Below we’re discussing some of the most compelling advantages. You’ll probably find one new use or two from the list.

The Pages Can Be Turned A Full 360 Degrees

Whenever you open a notebook, you would like to have a full view of the page. Spiral notebooks offer you just that. The pages can be turned fully and lie flat on the desk, so the text isn't buried on the edges of the bind.

It also doesn't take up much space on your desk. Since you can fold them upon itself, you will have plenty of room for other stuff on your desk.

Easy To Write And Turn The Pages

Unlike others, a spiral notebook has no spiral tension in them. The pages can be effortlessly turned without any resistance, causing the pages to stay in place.

You can lie them flat against the table, or any linear surface without needing to hold the pages down. This helps achieve consistency in writing as you don't have to deal with an uneven surface.

Neatly Remove Pages

Most spiral notebooks come with perforated sheets. This allows you to easily remove pages without leaving any messy edges. This is ideal if you have to submit your notes after you have completed writing them.

Additional Features

Top spiral notebooks come with a range of intriguing and unique features. Most of them contain 3-hole punch sheets, which is useful for keeping separated sheets on a binder.

Some contain multicolored dividers with reinforced pockets that can be used to organize subject notes and also aid in easy navigation to sections.


Most of them have sturdy front and back covers. They also have a solid wire that holds the sheets and covers firmly in place. Some hardcovers are water-resistant, preventing the pages from getting damaged by liquid. The overall durability ensures that they will retain their structural integrity all year long.

Our Best Spiral Notebook Reviews 2020

1. TOPS/Oxford 1-Subject Notebooks

If you are looking for a simple, affordable option that gets the job done, then the Oxford 1-Subject Notebooks are a perfect choice.

The 6-pack of 1-subject notebooks comes in a variety of assorted colors. This is ideal if you wish to have each copy assigned for different subjects.

The college-ruled sheet style and 8"x10-½" page dimensions are great for both school and office work. It consists of 70 sheets that are ruled on both sides. Featuring a durable, snag-resisting coil, it perfectly retains the shape. You don't have to worry about it bending and deforming.

With micro-perforated sheets, removing pages is straightforward. The pages come off neatly, without damaging the paper. The pages have a 3-hole punch, which lets you conveniently place them on a binder.

This is useful if you want to keep the papers with other documents, avoiding the use of paper clips and stapling.

Smooth pages ensure that your pen glides effortlessly. This minimizes discomfort during long writing sessions. Although easy to write on, the pages are thin. Depending on the writing pressure, this may cause pen indentation on other pages.

The Oxford 1-Subject notebooks make organizing easy due to their colored hardcovers. It ranks as the best in the subject notebook category according to amazon.

The value is also what sets this from others. With an affordable price tag and excellent features, this is a must-have for any person that values writing.

Highlighted features:

  • Assorted colors to color-code your subjects.
  • College ruled and double-sided.
  • Perforated sheets allow you to neatly detach papers.
  • 3-hole punched sheets can be conveniently placed in binders.
  • Snag-resistant coil holds everything firmly in place.
  • Great value for the price.

2. Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook

The advanced Spiral Notebook from Five Star is a durable notebook that lasts all year long. Guaranteed!

The college-ruled sheet style is perfect for people who are strictly into writing notes. It consists of 200 perforated sheets, with a tear-out sheet size of 8.5 x 11 inches. The white pages have a 55cd brightness rating, with a matte finish, making texts easier to read. This is particularly useful as a matte surface provides diffused reflection, unlike the glare you get from glossy papers.

What sets this apart from others, is the addition of a spiral guard. The Spiral guard prevents the book from snagging, hence increasing its durability. In addition to that, the guard is made up of fabric.

This allows for a comfortable grip, and at the same time giving it a fashionable look. The guard also has a writable label on it, making it easy to spot on your shelf or locker.

It features 5 movable dividers which color-coding your subjects easy. This is useful when you want to have different subject notes in the same place. Tabs also makes it easy to flip in any section quickly.

The tab also contains an expandable pocket, where you can conveniently store loose papers.  This ensures that you don't misplace any important sheets by keeping them all in one place.

Another handy feature is the pen loop that is attached to the spiral guard. This allows you to securely fasten your favorite writing instrument with it. This is one of the best spiral bound notebooks out there in the market.

Like most other spiral notebooks, this comes with 3-hole punched pages, letting you attach loose pages to your favorite binder.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 5 plastic dividers to separate subject notes.
  • 200 college ruled and double-sided sheets.
  • Spiral guard provides a comfortable grip.
  • Attached pen loop to hold your writing instrument.
  • Durable and guaranteed to last a year.

3. AmazonBasics College Ruled Wirebound Spiral Notebook

Whether it's your laundry list or important lecture notes, the AmazonBasics college-ruled wire bound spiral notebook is the perfect companion for taking your everyday notes.

Available in solid, sunburst, and lattice patterns, it comes in a variety of different colors. This is perfect if you wish to use them for separate purposes.

It is perfect for students who use notebooks strictly for writing. The coil binding keeps the pages firmly attached, with little movement. Having an even line spacing promotes tidy and ordered writing.

This ensures that your writing stays on a linear horizontal plane. The paper measures a standard 8 by 10.5 inches, perfect dimensions for everyday writing.

It features a sturdy front and back cover. The cover protects it from the surface it is being used on, increasing its durability. The pages, however, are surprisingly thin. This may cause ink bleeds that may unwittingly spot other pages.

With a paper brightness of 92%, the letters and colors look sharp and vivid. This is great for people who wish to make use of multiple colors of their notes. This makes it one of the best spiral notebooks for college

The coil binding allows for perforation. This gives you an easy straight edge cut when removing a page. Despite that, the pages need care when removed. Due to the thinness of the papers, they might tear in certain areas during separation.

It also features a 3-hole punch, it can be conveniently placed on a binder. This is useful if you like to keep different sheets of paper in one place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in solid, lattice, and sunburst patterns.
  • College ruled and double-sided papers.
  • Sturdy snag-resistant coil keeps the sheets securely attached.
  • 3-hole punched sheets to store it in binders.
  • Perforated pages that can be neatly detached.

4. Studio Oh! 82471 Hardcover Spiral Notebook

Let the gorgeous artwork of the Studio Oh! Spiral notebook inspires you to discover your creativity!

The spiral notebook contains 160 pages. The pages are double-sided and wide ruled. The sheets measure 5.8 x 8.3 inches. Ideal for home or office use. The compact shape of the notebook can be easily placed in your backpack.

The pages are made using premium-weight paper. This helps to reduce the ink bleeds. You can comfortably write on both sides of the paper with any writing instrument. Be it is a ballpoint, fountain, or felt tips pens, the writing will be clear and legible.

The sturdy binding helps keep the sheets and covers firmly in place. The spiral binding is super durable. The pages can easily turn 180 degrees without any resistance. This allows them to lie flat on a linear surface. This by far is one of the best spiral-bound notebooks available on the market.

The leatheresque hardcover comes in a variety of artworks. The bold graphics will surely mesmerize you.  From cute and friendly creatures to exotic plants that are full of life. Pick a design that shows your personality.

Not only the cover is gorgeous, but it is also durable as well. It is made with super soft faux leather, which gives them a modern appearance.

The drawbacks of this notebook are the lack of perforated sheets. This means that you can't easily tear a page when you need to. Also, the cover doesn't wrap completely around the book. This may not be useful to some people who like to write notes by folding notebooks in half.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gorgeous eye-catching artwork you won't get tired of.
  • 160 double-sided and wide-ruled pages.
  • Premium quality pages that don't show ink bleeds.
  • Front and back covers made up of durable soft faux leather.
  • Super durable snag-resistant binding.

5. Mead Spiral Notebooks

An affordable solution for all your college notes.

Mead spiral notebooks are great for general use. Ranked as the 2nd best in the ‘Subject Notebooks' category in amazon, it is popular stationery that can be used at schools, offices, or for your personal use at home.

Available in at 6 assorted colors, you can color-code your subjects and easily identify and organize them. It has 70 college-ruled double-sided sheets, which are 10 ½ x 8 inches in dimension. Sufficient for taking simple notes. The sheets have 3-hole punches, which is useful to keep loose pages in your favorite binder.

The spiral bind keeps the pages in place with limited movement. However, it is not well known for its durable characteristics, as the lightweight and flimsy structure of the spiral may frail after a certain time.

The coated hard front and back covers add a degree of stability, preventing the pages inside from getting deformed or damaged.

The pages are perforated. When removed, the pages come out in a nice even line instead of a torn frayed one. Quality-wise, the pages are on the thinner side.

Apart from ballpoint pens and pencils, it can be used with other writing mediums such as felt tip pens, mechanical pencils, and sharpies with little to no ink bleed.

If you are in the market for spiral notebooks, then this product is an affordable option that can fulfill your writing needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Assorted colors for each subject.
  • 70 wide ruled and double-sided sheets.
  • Good snag-resistant coil and hardcovers.
  • 3-hole punched sheets to use in binders.
  • Great for school and office use.

6. Five Star Spiral Notebook

A notebook that boasts your personality and style.

Featuring vivid colors and patterns, this beauty will surely brighten up your day. This 1 subject notebook consists of 100 college-ruled sheets, sizing at 11 x 8.5 inches when torn. With the double-sided sheet, there is plenty of room to write down your notes.

The hardcover is water resistant. This makes them durable, as the pages inside won't get damaged by fluids easily. This along with the sturdy spiral binding keeps the pages firmly in place. The coil lock helps prevent snagging, so you don't have to worry about pages coming loose over time.

In general, most Five Star notebooks have excellent paper quality, this is no different. The pages are light and thin and exhibit no ink bleed when using most writing instruments.

Perforation on the pages ensures that they tear off neatly without damaging the paper. The pages also come with a 3 - hole punch. This lets you keep the separated pages in a binder just in case you need it. There is also a reinforced storage pocket embedded inside the book to keep all your loose pages.

With a beautiful design, this will be a perfect gift. Apart from school notes, it can be used for multiple writing purposes such as food journaling, or even traveling. This is the best spiral notebook, which is convenient to use and will last the entire year.

Highlighted features:

  • It comes in eye-catching colors and design patterns.
  • 100 college ruled and double-sided sheets.
  • Storage pocket to keep the loose sheets.
  • Spiral lock that prevents snags.
  • 3-hole punched sheets perfect for binders.
  • Perforated sheets let you neatly detach them without damage.

7. Hardcover Spiral Notebook Bristory

Write your brilliant stories with Bristory!

The Hardcover spiral Notebook by Bristory truly is a sight for sore eyes. It Features a magnificent Artwork of tree patterns on the cover. This gives you an elevated sense of happiness and joy that opens a world of interesting ideas to write your stories. It comes in 4 colors, yellow, green, blue, and orange. You can color-code them and use them for various purposes.

The striking notebook consists of 80 sheets, measuring 7.1 x 9.8 inches. The sheet style is college ruled and double-sided, with a line spacing of 7mm. Ideal to record your traveling journals and expressing your thoughts. It is also great to take notes, be it for college or office purposes.

The hardcovers are made using cardboard. This makes them sturdy and durable, which is great for the long term as it won't lose its shape easily. The small and compact form allows you to carry it in your pocket, which is handy for taking quick notes.

Although the pages are not perforated, it can still be removed easily if needed. The pages are thin, and hardly shows signs of ink bleed. It is compatible with almost any writing instrument, ranging from ballpoints to felt tip pens.

The Hardcover Spiral Notebook by briStory is perfect for jotting down ideas and personal thoughts. Whether it's for to-do lists, class notes, or poetry, it is a perfect companion for all your writing needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gorgeous and inspiring artwork on the hardcovers.
  • 80 college ruled double-sided sheets.
  • Ideal size for journals and diary.
  • It comes in 4 vivid colors.
  • Sturdy spiral bind that holds all the elements in place.

8. Student Lab Notebook

The notebook of choice to record all your chemistry experiments.

The lab notebook is perfect for your chemistry course. It comes with a divider that has the periodic table of elements printed on it. This becomes handy during experimentations and calculations.

It has 100 Carbonless duplicate page sets that are numbered in a sequence. Each set page has a copy page right after it. The information written on the page will copy on the ‘copy’ page.

The back cover is the divider that is inserted between two sets of pages. This is done so that the information is not copied between them. It also prevents indentation on other pages.

The front and back covers are fully laminated. This helps the notebook to retain its structural integrity, hence increasing its durability. The spiral bind is sturdy.

It holds all the elements of the notebook in one place and allows them to lie flat on the surface. With these two supporting elements, it can easily last for years.

It features useful information that is essential for chemistry lab practical. It contains a general information section that has various formulas that is essential for calculations.

Apart from that, the included table of contents page allows you to keep all your experiments organized and in order. This becomes handy when you quickly want to flip the pages to a particular experiment.

The copy pages are perforated. You can neatly tear the pages when you need to submit them to your course lecturer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect to record your chemistry experiments.
  • 100 duplicate pages that are ordered in sequence.
  • Contains a periodic table, General information sections, and Index table.
  • Useful formulas that are handy for calculations.
  • Durable and will last all year long.

9. Five Star Spiral Notebook

If you are a fan of simple solid colors, then the spiral notebook from Five Star is for you.

The notebook comes in a variety of colors with a minimalistic design.  You can use a color for each subject, making them easy to identify and organize. The spiral notebook contains 100 double-sided college ruled sheets.

With the sheet size of 11 x 8.5 inches, you have plenty of room to jot down your notes. The sheets are perforated which neatly tear off when needed.

One amazing feature of this notebook is how well they are made. The plastic cover on the front along with the heavy-duty paper board at the back are both water resistant. This acts as a shield by protecting the enclosed pages from liquid damage. It also adds sturdiness to it, thereby increasing its durability.

The sheets have a matte finish with a brightness rating of 80. Although not as bright, the texts still appear sharp. This makes it ideal for school or office usage.

The papers show no signs of ink bleed with most writing instruments. You can easily write on both sides of the paper without having to worry about ink bleeds.

It features a single divider with 2 tear-resistant pockets. This helps you keep notes and handouts in a single place. With this feature, you don't have to worry about losing or misplacing your notes again. The spiral is sturdy and consists of a spiral lock that prevents the coil from snagging.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid colors with no design patterns.
  • 100 double-sided college ruled sheets.
  • A single divider with two reinforced storage pockets.
  • Durable and water-resistant plastic covers.
  • Spiral lock that prevents coil snag.

10. AmazonBasics Wide Ruled Wirebound Spiral Notebook

If you have big handwriting, and can’t fit the letters in a college-ruled notebook, that this product is the perfect fit for you.

The wide-ruled spiral notebook is similar to its college-ruled counterpart in many aspects. You can select your preferred sheet capacity of 70 and 100 respectively. 

The sheets measure 10.5 x 8 inches, which is the general dimensions for most spiral notebooks.

The pages have a brightness rating of 92%. The brightness causes the written texts to be crisper in appearance. Perfect for taking lecture notes or general use. The double-sided sheets are thin and light, with negligible ink bleed and can withstand most writing instruments.

Featuring a sturdy front and back cover, made from 20pt. white cardstock, that helps hold the sheets in place. It also protects the sheets from getting deformed.

It has a wire bind to hold the sheets and the covers together. It features a coil-lock that is snag resistant. While it is not as sturdy as the covers itself, the wire bind is flimsy. This can cause them to bend and deform, eventually damaging it.

You have to take care when storing them in your backpack or shelves, ensuring that they are placed on, or between flat surfaces.

Featuring perforated sheets, they neatly tear without ripping the page. They also have 3-hole punches, which is convenient if you are planning to keep separate sheets on a binder.

Highlighted features:

  • 100 wide ruled double-sided sheets.
  • Perforated sheets detach easily without any mess.
  • 3-hole punch in sheets can be used in binders.
  • Sturdy front and back covers.
  • The spiral lock prevents the coil from snagging.

11. Cheer Up Spiral Notebook College Ruled

A notebook to quickly jot down your thoughts.

Smaller than most regular spiral notebooks, this flashy product packs more features than its regular sized counterparts. The A5 pages have a dimension of 8.5 x 5.7 inches, which makes it easy to carry around. Though it doesn't have abundant space, it does come with 120 double-sided sheets that are sufficient for taking any type of notes.

It features a college ruled sheet style that has a line spacing of 7.1 mm. This style is a perfect middle-ground for writers who have a small, or large handwriting. The paper is thin and weighs approximately 80 gsm.

As for the quality of the sheets, they have an ultra-smooth surface. The writing appears neat and clear with no ink bleeds. It comes in two vibrant colors, pink and green. The front and back covers are made with PP plastic, which adds durability.

The wire spiral is firmly bound, with two wires going through each punched hole.  The spiral lock at the end of the wire prevents them from snagging, keeping the sheets firmly in place.

A neat attribute of this notebook is the 4 multicolored dividers, which can be used to index each subject note. This is perfect if you hate carrying multiple notebooks for each subject. With this, you can assign subjects in each section, keeping all lecture notes in one place.

A downside to this notebook is that the sheets aren't perforated. However, with a bit of care, they can be easily removed when needed.

Highlighted features:

  • ​It comes in two vibrant colors.
  • 240 pages that are double sided and college ruled.
  • Smaller A5 pages great for travelling or general use.
  • Durable PP plastic hardcovers.
  • Two spiral wire for each punch hole.
  • Spiral lock prevents coil snag.  

12. Emraw Top Bound Spiral Memo Books

The spiral memo books from Emraw is a versatile notebook that can be used for multiple purposes. It has 150 sheets of double-sided paper that measures 9.5 x 5.75 inches in dimensions. It is a small, yet practical, that is effective at taking quick lecture notes.

The double-sided pages are college ruled, which is ideal for any type of notes. Whether it is a simple to-do list, grocery list, lecture, or for meeting notes it is perfect for any individual.

The sheets have great quality. It features high-quality papers that show no signs of ink bleed. This is great if you are planning on using various writing instruments.

The sturdy spiral wire binding holds every element of the notebook together, maintaining its firmness. The spiral wire contains a lock that prevents the coil from snagging.

The vibrant colored front and back covers water-resistant to prevent the sheets from getting liquid damage. All these features retain the structural integrity of the notebook, increasing its durability. This notebook can easily last all year long.

The perforated sheets allow you to neatly remove the paper without tearing them. The clean removal of pages ensures that you don't have any messy edges on them when handing out the notes.

The compact size of the notebook makes it easy to carry around. It is great for taking everyday notes or even sketching doodles. Whatever the purpose may be, this will fulfill all of your writing needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100 college ruled double sided sheets.
  • It comes in 4 vibrant and attractive colors.
  • Water-resistant front and back covers.
  • Small sheet size perfect as memos.
  • Spiral lock prevents coil snag.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Spiral Notebook

So, a new semester starts and you desperately need a spiral notebook to write all your lecture notes. But with so many options available, you aren't sure which one to get.

The perfect spiral notebook depends entirely on what features you would like and how you will use it. Below are some factors you need to consider when buying one.

Paper Size

The best spiral notebooks come in variable paper sizes. The most common size is the standard A4, measuring approximately 11 x 8.5 inches.

They are also available in compact sizes that make use of the A5 sheet dimensions. Standard sheet size has plenty of room for taking notes, whereas the latter size doesn't require much space to store.

Sheet Style

You have two options here. Spiral notebooks come in college ruled and wide rule sheet styles. They have a line spacing of approximately 7mm and 8mm respectively.  For general purposes, the college ruled is widely used as it provides the perfect middle ground for both small and large handwriting.

Page Count

This is essential if you want them to last a full semester, or if you want one for quick and short notes. There are spiral notebooks that come in a varying number of pages. They mostly range anywhere from 50 to 150 sheets.

The higher the capacity, the thicker it becomes. If you are opting for high sheet count, pick a notebook that weighs less as they vary from brand to brand.

Cover Material

This element is crucial. Spiral notebook covers usually come in chipboard, hard cardstock, and plastic. They shield the sheets from external damage, hence they made from a tougher material. 

Some materials are firm and resist bending such as cardstock. Whereas plastic covers are water-resistant, protecting the sheets from liquid damage.


Perforated sheets allow you to neatly separate the paper from the notebook. This is great if you want to submit your notes or share that awesome sketch you just made.

The neatness of the separation depends on how closely the dots are set up next to each other. The closer the dots, the easily the sheet comes off. If they are not set close to one another, you may have to crease the paper by before tearing it to prevent damaging the paper.


The way the spiral wire runs through the pages matter. Look for a one that contains a spiral lock and where the spiral wires are tightly wounded.

Wider spiral wires go lose overtime as the opening and closing of the notebook deforms them. Tightly wound spiral wires are sturdier and are more likely to keep all the elements of the notebook in place.

Paper Weight

The paper weight doesn't correspond with the paper quality.  Heavier papers are generally very durable. They can undergo robust erasing, without damaging the paper.

They also have less see-through. If you are considering writing or sketching on both sides of the paper, it is better to go with a brand that has heavier papers.

Additional Features

Additional features are always great to have. The top spiral notebooks usually have a 3-holes punched in the sheets, which is convenient when placing them on a binder.

In addition to that, some notebooks have dividers with reinforced pockets. Dividers make it easy to separate the sections for each subject. It also helps to instantly flip the notebook to the desired section.

How To Take Care Of Your Spiral Notebooks For Longevity

Even the best spiral notebook is going to eventually wear out over time if the proper care is not taken. To make sure you keep your notes in a good condition for long as possible, following the tips below will suffice.

Properly Placing The Notebook

Don't just your notebook into your backpack. Ensure that it is properly placed and position no matter where you keep it. Try to place them on a linear surface, so that you don't damage the cover.

Don't Place The Notebook Next To Fluids

Paper and liquids don't go well together. Any kind of liquid spill will deform the sheets, hence damaging the paper. In addition to that, liquids may also stain the papers. The same goes for the cardboard covers. Avoid touching the notebook with wet hands for the same reasons as well.

Try Not To Grab The Book By Its Spiral Wire

If the spiral wire is thin, grabbing it with a considerable force may deform it. A deformed spiral wire will cause problems when turning the sheets. It is safer to handle the notebook by its hardcover instead.

Turn The Pages With Care

Aggressively handling the pages might cause it to wrinkle or tear them even. The same goes for the hardcovers that enclose the sheets. Handle it with care to avoid deforming them.

Common Questions That You Should Know Before Buying 

1. Is It Easy To Detach The Pages From The Perforation Without Tearing The Paper?

Answer: The papers are neatly perforated. Yes, the sheet can be easily separated from the notebook.

2. When Writing With A Pen Does The Ink Bleed Through?

Answer: The sheets resist ink bleeds. You can easily write on both sides of the paper.

3. Are These Notebooks Durable?

Answer: The solid hardcovers protect the sheets from external damage. The spiral wire is sturdy, and holds the sheets and cover firmly together. So overall, these notebooks are durable.

4. Can You Use Fountain Pens On Coiled Notebooks?

Answer: The notebook paper is compatible with any writing instrument. So you can use a fountain pen in this paper.

5. Is The Divider Pocket Durable?

Answer: The pocket is reinforced on the divider. You can keep your perforated sheets and others lose notes without problems.

Final Words

A spiral notebook is a place where you collect interesting thoughts and intriguing ideas. It helps us in our everyday lives, be it for jotting down lecture notes, revising your speech for presentation, or writing down creative ideas that can one day change the world.

Yes, there are electronic devices that can do the same, but they just don't feel the same. There's is nothing like taking notes on a new spiral notebook on the first day of the semester.

Nothing like taking a spiral journal to record your traveling adventures to only read and imagine it later. The possibilities are endless.

The products we reviewed have different styles, capacity, uses, and features. We hope you enjoyed this article and get the best spiral notebook that suits your writing needs.

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